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Tear Stains – Fact or Fiction

Mar 22,2019 | Posted in Announcements

The pesky brown streaks creeping down from their dog’s inner eye corners drive pet owners everywhere crazy – but what are they? Tear staining refers to the browning of hairs near the inner corner of the eye. We see tear… Read More

Princeton Grooming says “GOOD FOR YOU-NOT YOUR PET”

Mar 22,2019 | Posted in Announcements

One of the most popular sweetener nowadays is xylitol, which is actually a natural product made from corncobs but it is very poisonous for your pet. Xylitol is most often found in sugarless gums, candy, and drinks. It is also… Read More

Princeton Grooming Asks -Why Are Our Pets So Stressed?

Mar 18,2019 | Posted in Announcements

Cats and dogs stress about things as much as we do. We live in a complex hurry up world. There is stress everywhere in our life. We are running here and there, often not taking the time to enjoy fully… Read More

Princeton Grooming’s Poisonous Foods for Dogs

Mar 04,2019 | Posted in Announcements

Chocolate – Many pet owners are aware of how dangerous that chocolate is to a dog. Theobromine, an ingredient in chocolate, can attack the dog’s central nervous system. The darker a chocolate is, the more dangerous it is for dogs.… Read More