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Princeton Grooming Tooth Cleaning Tips

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Dog teeth cleaning is one of the responsibilities that a dog owner must never neglect. Most people may not give a lot of importance to dental care, but it could actually lead to a lot of complications if neglected. Teeth cleaning is just as important as diet and exercise.

1. Start early. The best way to train your pet to behave while you clean his teeth is to start early. While he is still a puppy, you should train him to stay still while you brush his teeth. Most dog owners would use a gauze and a toothpaste specially formulated for dogs. Starting with a gauze would be a good way to ease you pet into the act of toothbrushing. After a while, you could move on to a child’s toothbrush with soft bristles.

2. Circles. Just like our dentists tell us, move in a circular motion as you clean your pet’s teeth. Start with the front teeth first, moving on to those at the back. Do not forget to pass through the gums. Be very gentle. Their gums are very sensitive, and brushing it with force might cause your dogs pain.

3. Hard kibble. Not a lot of people know this but hard kibble is actually better than soft dog food. Soft dog food could easily get caught in between teeth and might result to tartar, and ultimately, tooth decay. Consumption of hard kibble cleans their teeth because as it passes through the teeth, it brushes off the tartar with the help of friction.

Pet teeth cleaning should not be viewed as a burden or a nuisance. Think of all the money you would be able to save because you dog would not need to go to the vet to be sedated, have his teeth professionally cleaned.