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Princeton Grooming’s Poisonous Foods for Dogs

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Chocolate – Many pet owners are aware of how dangerous that chocolate is to a dog. Theobromine, an ingredient in chocolate, can attack the dog’s central nervous system. The darker a chocolate is, the more dangerous it is for dogs. When a dog eats chocolate, it can lead to serious problems, including heart issues and death.

Onions – A small amount of onions will probably not be harmful to your dog, but the thiosulphate in onions can cause problems in larger amounts. Because thiosulphate will build up in your dog’s system over time, it is better to avoid feeding your dog foods that contain onions.

Garlic – Garlic also contains thiosulphate, so should be avoided for the same reasons as onions.

Grapes – This one might come as a shock to some pet owners, and will disappoint the many dogs who enjoy chomping on a grape now and then. While some dogs will eat grapes and have no problems, grapes can cause kidney failure in some dogs. You should avoid feeding your dog raisins for the same reason.

Sugar Substitutes – Avoid giving your dog any foods that contain sugar substitutes, particularly those that contain xylitol. Xylitol can cause serious medical issues in some dogs, including liver failure.

Yeast – If you enjoy baking, be sure to keep yeast and uncooked dough away from your pets. In some cases, the yeast will rise in the dog’s stomach causing very serious complications, including a rupturing in the digestive tract.

Below are some of the symptoms you may see if your pet has eaten any poisonous food for dogs.

Refusing food
If you see any of the above symptoms, contact your vet right away.

Poisonous Food for Dogs: Treatment
The treatment when a pet eats poisonous food for dogs will depend on what he ate and how much. There is no one treatment that will be right in every case. Treatments may include providing fluids, inducing vomiting or surgery.

Many dogs who suffer from such food poisoning make a full recovery. The key is seeking treatment quickly.