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Princeton Grooming Tips on Keeping Pets Warm in Winter

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Summer and Winter present challenges to keeping pets comfortable, but winter is actually easier since it is more about preventing exposure.

Shelter and Warmth
It is essential that pets outside are protected from wind, rain and snow. It goes without saying they need shelter. An outside shelter needs to be well insulated and small enough to be heated by their own body heat. Use hay and blankets to keep them cozy. Inside, pets need warm places to snooze, especially if you have tile, stone or wood floors. Older pets must have thick beds with extra padding.

Protect the Feet and Fur
Hair between pets foot pads get ice balls, which can cause frost bite. Boots are nice but many will not wear them. If so, inspect the feet when they come inside and remove the ice balls
from the feet. Jackets and coats are fine, but not essential on most dog except Greyhounds, Whippets, and Senior Pets.

Fresh Water and Food Adjustments
Pets who go out in the cold need more food, as they burn calories to stay warm. Water is just as essential in cold weather as in warm. Make sure outdoor water bowls don’t freeze if your furry friend is thirsty.

Enjoy the Snow!