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Princeton Groomings 10 Best Dog & Cat Supplements

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Discuss all Supplements or Herbs with your veterinarian!!
1. Omega-3 fatty acids: Inflammation, brain health, gastrointestinal toxicity related to cancer treatments
2. Milk Thistle: Can treat acute and chronic liver inflammation, protects organs from effects of radiation, chemo
3. Glucosamine: Promotes cartilage health and reduces the release of inflammatory triggers
4. Lavender: Diffused in oil form helps calm dogs and used to treat travel upset
5. Botswellia: Promise in treating arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease
6. Theanine: From tea, this helps body better neutralize free radicals, and aids in relaxation of anxious pets
7. Valerian: Reduces stress, anxiety and insomnia in pets
8. Probiotics: Helps with inflammation, allergies, infections and diarrhea
9. CoQ10: An antioxidant that lessons toxicities in body, especially the heart
10. Curcumin: Anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects