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Princeton Grooming Tips on Keeping Pets Warm in Winter

Dec 08,2020 | Posted in Announcements

Summer and Winter present challenges to keeping pets comfortable, but winter is actually easier since it is more about preventing exposure. Shelter and Warmth It is essential that pets outside are protected from wind, rain and snow. It goes without… Read More

Pets Who Eat Too Fast: Nine Ways to Handle Food “Inhalers”

Oct 18,2020 | Posted in Announcements

Pets Who Eat Too Fast: Nine Ways to Handle Food “Inhalers” I have a pet that eats so fast and furiously that he often manages to literally inhale his food. He gulps his dinner down with so much relish it… Read More

Princeton Grooming Jersey Shore Boating Tips

Jun 19,2020 | Posted in Announcements

Before you get on the boat with your dog, review the following safety reminders and prepare for the voyage. 1. Develop a plan in case your dog goes overboard. Discuss what all human passengers would do if your dog goes… Read More

Princeton Grooming Summer Dog Tips

Jun 13,2020 | Posted in Announcements

• Tip 1 Dogs can only cool themselves down by sweating through their foot pads and panting. They cannot sweat like human beings. This, along with a fur coat, puts them at greater risk for overheating. Be sure to keep… Read More

Princeton Grooming Tooth Cleaning Tips

May 29,2020 | Posted in Announcements

Dog teeth cleaning is one of the responsibilities that a dog owner must never neglect. Most people may not give a lot of importance to dental care, but it could actually lead to a lot of complications if neglected. Teeth… Read More

Princeton Groomings 10 Best Dog & Cat Supplements

Apr 27,2020 | Posted in Announcements

Discuss all Supplements or Herbs with your veterinarian!! 1. Omega-3 fatty acids: Inflammation, brain health, gastrointestinal toxicity related to cancer treatments 2. Milk Thistle: Can treat acute and chronic liver inflammation, protects organs from effects of radiation, chemo 3. Glucosamine:… Read More

Princeton Grooming Recomends A Canine First Aid Kit

Apr 27,2020 | Posted in Announcements

Dogs have the uncanny ability to get into anything and everything at the most inopportune and unexpected times. One might consider a kit for your home as well as your vehicle—especially if your dog frequently travels with you. While many… Read More